Why Bespoke Contacts?

Your data just got SMARTer!

Before launching a successful marketing campaign, you need to have high quality contact data in your kitty. Moreover, that data needs to be up-to-date so as to get better returns on your campaigns. In the dynamic B2B world,usually contact data get stale after 6-7 months and needs to be consistently updated for effective Direct Marketing. Maintaining hygiene of data within your system could be a very cumbersome task. SMARTe can help you with just that! And you can now build your own ‘wish-list’ rather than having to manage with ‘what is available’! That too in a unique way!

Our cloud solution, Bespoke Contacts provides you with best quality custom-built contact data and prospect intelligence as per your target audience which can be managed through a single portal giving you a first-of-its-kind user experience.You can manage your projects; collaborate with your peers & teams; fill in the communication gaps; automate transactional activities andharness analytics on marketing data under one login.

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